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Anti-microbial misting involves the use of STERIFOG™ and an aerosol micron diffuser to create a dry mist that permeates an entire small room facility up to 50 cubic meters. It's a form of High Level Disinfectant shock treatment that bonds to virtually everything - killing 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness and odours.

STERIFOG™ is an Amine/Guanide derivative widely used in aqueous personal products such as eye drops, lotions and creams.

STERIFOG™ in applicable situations kills 99+% microbes. It is thus classified as:
1. Bactericidal
2. Virucidal
3. Fungicidal
4. Yeasticidal
5. Odoriser
6. Anti-Allergen.

Sterifog Professional metered dose cans have been developed for high risk areas such as hospitals, doctor’s rooms, dental rooms and laboratories.

1. STERIFOG™ is harmless to humans (SABS food grade approved) but deadly to microbes.
2. STERIFOG™ has a long lasting residual killing effect, unlike most disinfectants that merely ‘kill and go’.

Eliminates organic and inorganic odours quickly and effectively.